Free Mockplus iDoc Giveaway for Designers and Developers

Have you already fed up with marking all design assets and specs manually one by one? Also tired of delivering designs to other designers and developers over and over again through a social medium? getĀ Free Mockplus iDoc Giveaway for Designers and Developers from here.Free-Mockplus-iDoc-Giveaway-for-Designers-and-Developers

An all-in-one design collaboration and handoff tool, Mockplus iDoc, can help you resolve all of these design problems with ease.

Fortunately, a completely free Mockplus iDoc giveaway has been launched on our website for all designers and developers to collaborate and handoff designs with accurate specs, assets, code snippets, and interactive prototypes automatically, from Mar, 18 to Apr 18, 2019.

You can check Mockplus iDoc:

Why Choose Mockplus iDoc?

Mockplus iDoc is a handy online design collaboration and handoff tool for designers, developers and product managers to upload, comment, prototype, test, share and handoff designs with automatic specs, assets, code snippets.

Here are key features of Mockplus iDoc:

  • Import designs with automatic specs, assets, code snippets from Sketch, XD and PS
  • Create UI flow and interactive prototypes with drag-and-drop
  • Comment, review, test and iterate designs with simple clicks
  • Check, copy and download design specs, assets, code snippets with one click
  • Upload prototypes from Axure/Justinmind/Mockplus and documents
  • Handoff designs with accurate specs, assets, code snippets with simple clicks

Overall, everything can be done with simple clicks and drag-and-drop.

Thank You4 Visiting

It is surely useful for all designers and developers to work together online to save at least 50% of time and energy.


How to Get Free Mockplus iDoc Giveaway?

Please follow simple steps to get free Mockplus iDoc giveaway:

And the giveaway has been scheduled from Mar, 22 to April 22, 2019

Step1. Sign up in Mockplus iDoc:

Step2. Open the upgrading page:

Step3. Enter code: UIXDesigner


Congratulation! Your account has been successfully activated!!!

Please Note:

  • This code can be used to activate both of Mockplus iDoc and Mockplus (a rapid prototyping tool)
  • This giveaway code will be valid during the giveaway period. Please use it soon.
  • Check & Download Mockplus iDoc plugin for Adobe XD/Sketch/Photoshop
  • Please feel free to contact if you need any assistance.

Also, do not forget to share this news with your friends and colleagues!!!

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