20 Best CPU Temperature Monitor Software 2020

CPU Temp Monitor Software will help you to check your CPU temperature easily. Every program hasn’t the same feature and capability so that to enjoy top class service, you need to choose one of the Best rated CPU or GPU  Monitor programs.

Moreover, now a time online has tons of software but which will be the best CPU temperature monitor software for you? You need to do a lot of research to find out. But we already have done it and you can read attentively below:

Best CPU Temperature Monitor

20 Best CPU Temp Monitor Software to See GPU Temperature Easily:

#1. Speccy:

Speccy min 2016

Speccy is one of the best well know daily driver that should need to have on your Computer. You can know about the CPU and GPU temperature for free but if you buy it then you can enjoy more advanced features. But if you are looking for temperature of your PC, then free version is enough for you and no need to buy for more features.

Speccy takes little bit of space on your system. It supports all the sensors integrated on your computer and detects the data accurately using them. Moreover, you can take a screenshot of the data that it is showing. It can detect problems from operation automatically.

You will not get any alarm about health is going down and you need to operate it manually. So, If you think about security and protect your PC, then it has no alternative to choose without the best one.

  • Price: Free
  • Available Platform: All 32bit & 64bit Windows OS (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & Windows 10)
  • Download & Know More About>> Speccy

#2. HWMonitor:

HWMonitor min 2016

HW Monitor is another one of the best free CPU monitoring software. You may need to give a try because it is totally free and provide the best and most accurate result.

Moreover, You can enjoy lots of advanced features free and if you dislike standalone installer then you can also install the portable version. Because, You will not only get the temperature information but also the full details information like Processor voltages.

HW Monitor is very small in size and works fast. You can record log files without any errors. The PRO version of it is really very expensive. First-time users may think it is very difficult to use.

  • Price: Free
  • Available Platform: All 32bit & 64bit Windows OS (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & Windows 10)
  • Download & Know More About>> HWMonitor

#3. Real Temp:

Real Temp min 2019

Real temp is one of the best trending temperature monitor software that is designed for Intel single-core, dual-core, quad-core, and Core i7 processors. Moreover, with this help of this software, You can see the real-time temperature of your computer.

Real Temp also shows information about maximum and minimum temperatures. You can get the alarm of high CPU/GPU temperature. additionally, You will receive the software in zip format and no need to require installation.

  • Price: Free
  • Available Platform: All 32bit & 64bit Windows Operating System (Windows 8.1, 8, 10 and Windows 7)
  • Download & Know More About>> Real Temp

#4. Open Hardware Monitor:

Open Hardware Monitor min 2019

Open hardware monitor is a free open source software that helps to monitor the temperature of your CPU and GPU. If you hate problems while using this type of tool, then it is one of the best solutions. Additionally, The interface of this software is plain and very simple.

it is very easy to see GPU temperature monitor and CPU temp status with every core of the main computer processor and  GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

It supports to show more information about your computer temperature and can export the data. So, If you are starter of this software, then you must need to face some restrictions.

  • Price: Free
  • Available Platform: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & Windows 10 32bit & 64bit Windows OS.
  • Download & Know More About>> Open Hardware Monitor

#5. CPU Thermometer:

CPU Thermometer min 2019

CPU Thermometer is another tiny tool that can easily determine the temperature of your computer. The interface is of this software basic and very simple. You can know the current temperature of each core and also the percentage of the load. You can change the units of temp.

  • Price:Free
  • Available PlatformAll 32bit & 64bit Windows OS.
  • Download & Know More About>> CPU Thermometer

#6. EnhanceMySe7en Free:

EnhanceMySe7en Free min 2016

EnhanceMySe7en is a tweaking and system enhancement tool. You can see the system information of your PC and the current temperature of CPU/GPU. Moreover, It shows the minimum and maximum temperature of your Processor and shows in between two units named Celsius and Fahrenheit.

You also get other vital information like fan speed and many more. So, also enjoy the utility features like disk defragment, registry cleaning, startup manager and many more with this software.

Price: Free

Available PlatformAll 32bit & 64bit Windows OS.

Download & Know More About>> EnhanceMySe7en Free

#7. SpeedFan:

Speed Fan min 2019

SpeedFan has some uncommon features that other best software hasn’t, for this reason, it takes place on this list. Moreover, It provides real accurate temperature with the all-important information. You will receive some basic functions of monitoring and it can realize troubleshoot matter and can do some changes.

Moreover, It protects user interface to using smoothly. You can discover the result and can use it easily. So, It is not recommended for beginner users.

  • Price: Free
  • Available PlatformAll 32bit & 64bit Windows OS.
  • Download & Know More About>> SpeedFan

#8. SIW Portable:

SIW Portable min 2019

Price: It is not only a temperature monitor app but also shows system information. It shows the correct CPU and GPU temperature to avoid damages on your computer. It is very simple to use.

It has several important functions built-in. After install, you will feel attraction to use it by watching the visual interface. You can use it without a difficult task. You can export data for others by using it.

Price: Free

Available Platform: All 32bit & 64bit Windows OS.

Download & Know More About>> SIW Portable

#9. Moo0 System Monitor:

Moo0 System Monitor min 2018

Moo System Monitor provides real-time system information and temperature information. You will get 30+ types of information by using it. The design of the interface is really impressive. So, You can easily place this on other places on your screen.

It supports the monitor instantly. You can customize it to show a special section. The installation process and pop up can depress you. Moreover, The way of information showing is also not looking so good.

Price: Free

Available Platform: All 32bit & 64bit Windows OS.

Download & Know More About>> Moo0 System Monitor

#10. HWiNFO:

HWiNFO min 2018

HWinfo is one of the easiest software to determine all the information on your computer. You have no need to have any technical knowledge to use it. You can enjoy its portable version and standalone version. Moreover, You just need to do few clicks to get all the necessary information. People also think the interface of it is really boring and the tool is in a basic way.

  1. Price: Free
  2. Available Platform: All 32bit & 64bit Windows OS.
  3. Download & Know More About>> HWiNFO

#11. SensorsView Pro:

SensorsView Pro min 2016

SensorsView Pro is another best free CPU monitoring software for determining the system temperature. You can know about the current temperature of each core of the CPU. Moreover, It can also show more system information like clock speed, usages of HDD and CPU, fan speed, voltages and many more. Also, the user interface of this software is very simple and easy.

Price: Free

Available Platform: All 32bit & 64bit Windows OS.

Download & Know More About>> SensorsView Pro

#12. Game Assistant 2:

Game Assistant min 2019

GameAssistant is a games organizing software and it also helps you to detect temp of your CPU. With the help of Game Assistant, you will know about the ram usages, fan speed, and many more things in a simple way. Moreover, You can take the screenshot of the report easily. You will get a basic tool take a screenshot. It does not take too much ram to show up. Additionally, get a free version of it to use and no need to have more knowledge to use.

you can see GPU temp with Game Assistance. Also, it shows the GPU fan speed.

Price: Free

Available Platform: All 32bit & 64bit Windows OS.

Download & Know More About>> Game Assistant 2

#13. Wise System Monitor:

Wise System Monitor min 2019

It is a simple hardware monitoring software. You can view the details information of your hardware like temperature, BIOS information, Motherboard manufacturer and many more. All the information will be generated in real time. You will get all the vital information by using it.

Wise System Monitor can give you the best PC hardware information. So that it can help you to optimize your PC.

Price: Free

Available Platform: All 32bit & 64bit Windows OS.

Download & Know More About>> Wise System Monitor

#14. CPUTempWatch:

CPU Temp best 2019

It is a simple and top tool for measuring the temperature of multiple hardware of your computer. After installing it you can monitor the temperature of your CPU real-time in system tray. Moreover, It will show the temperature of separately of each core. You can set the maximum temperature and if it is exceeded then your pc will turned off.

Price: Free

Available Platform: All 32bit & 64bit Windows OS.

Download & Know More About>> CPUTempWatch

#15. Core Temp (GPU and CPU Temp Monitor in Cores):

Core Temp gpu monitor 2019

It is another best GPU temperature monitoring software. You could use it easily and simply without any difficulty. Moreover, It is not as much as better software but if you haven’t enough alternative one than you can use it. Because the most important point is it is free to use and download. It has logging features for its users. It hasn’t advanced features and not support to cap a video.

Price: Free

Available Platform: All 32bit & 64bit Windows OS.

Download & Know More About>> Core Temp

#16. GPU Temp:

GPU Temp monitor 2019

It is a very simple and easy software to show and monitor the temperature of CPU. It is totally free but you will not more features besides it. This software is lightweight and tiny. You can’t see Celsius degrees on GPU temp because of restriction.

Price: Free

Available Platform: All 32bit & 64bit Windows OS.

Download & Know More About>> GPU Temp

How To Check GPU Temp?

That above software can also monitor your computer’s GPU. Install any of that software to get your real temperature. Computer cooling is an essential part for your processor and GPU speed. For playing your games in a good performance, you need to cool your GPU.

Final Words to Monitor CPU/GPU Temp:

Now it is easy to check your CPU and GPU Temperature with those Best CPU Temperature Monitor Software 2020. Moreover, take the necessary steps to cool down your CPU or GPU if needed. Clean up your Computer regularly to keep it cool. Make a comment to express your experience in GPU and CPU temp monitor and Cooling.

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