iBeesoft Data Recovery Review and 15 Free Licenses

The frustration of losing crucial data like official documents, videos, photos, etc can’t be explained into words. It could be distressing for both individuals and businesses. In technical terms, data which seems to the inaccessible and lost on your computer is not lost forever. The lost data can be retrieved using the professional data recovery software. Let’s start the iBeesoft Data Recovery Review:

iBeesoft Data Recovery Review

Why And When We Need Data Recovery Software?

There are several scenarios that could lead to data loss. Knowing them in advance increases the chances of a successful recovery of your data. You certainly need data recovery software if you come across with one of the following situations:

  • Inaccessibility of folders and files.
  • Unrecognized format.
  • Virus or malware attacks on your computer.
  •  Deleting files or folders by mistake or accidental deletions.
  • Drive formatting.
  • Empty Recycle Bin folder.
  • Permanent deletion of files or deleting files by Shift + Delete.
  • Corrupt documents
  • Unexpected or sudden system shutdowns.
  • Error messages when you open a file.
  • And it could be more.

These are the most common reasons why you can’t access your files or causes that lead to data loss on your computer. Many times individuals or businesses don’t pay much attention to such types of incidents, which makes them experience a major loss of their crucial data. In such events, especially when the computer shuts down or restarts or there is an indication of disk failure, it clearly signifies that your computer needs immediate action.

In all scenarios mentioned above, data recovery software comes quite in handy to help you get back your deleted or lost data.

And it’s worth mentioning here that the successful data recovery hugely depends on the data recovery software you have chosen. You need powerful data recovery software that helps you in recovering and repairing files, corrupt partitions, and storage media and brings your data back in an effective and safe manner. Considering that, we highly recommended iBeesoft Data Recovery.

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iBeesoft Data Recovery is the most efficient software out there that helps you retrieve all your files effectively and easily. Indeed, it can retrieve almost every file format. It has a user-friendly interface, making it recovering the deleted or lost data easier even for novice users.

There’s no doubt that losing valuable data is the maddening situation. It certainly seems like you’ll never get back your valuable data. But, with the iBeesoft Data Recovery, recovering data no matter how you lost it is no more hassle. Whether you need a data recovery solution for Windows or Mac, the iBeesoft is available for both platforms.

The key features of the software include:

Recover All File Types

Whether you want to retrieve photos, videos, audios, documents, archives or other files, iBeesoft is powerful enough to help you get back every file type. In addition, it supports to recover all common formats of all file types.

Recover From Any Storage Device

Whether you want to recover data from PC, Mac, memory card, digital camera, camcorder, removable drives, external hard drives, or USB flash drive, you can rely on iBeesoft.

Works Under Data Loss Scenarios

iBeesoft Data Recovery works effectively to recover data in any data loss event on both Windows and Mac. Whether it’s about formatted drive recovery, deleted files recovery, RAW drive recovery, or other reasons like virus attacks, the system crashed or software update, iBeesoft can help you get back your valuable data in no time.

Preview before Recovery

With iBeesoft data recovery software, you can preview the files before recovery. This helps you ensure whether you’re going to recover the target files you’re looking for.

Quick & Deep Scan

Generally, the Quick scan helps users to get back their lost data. But, there are some files that may not recover with a Quick Scan and that is why there is also Deep Scan with iBeesoft. It is a powerful feature that helps that scans your system deeply to locate and recover your desired lost or deleted files.

How to download iBee soft Data Recover Tool?

The great thing about iBeesoft data recovery software is that it has a free trial version that can help you determine whether you should really invest in this software or not.

To download the free trial version of the software and how to use the software to recover data, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Download iBeesoft

Download the iBeesoft data recovery from its official site on your computer. Open the downloaded file and make sure to run it as Administration for installing on your computer. After the successful installation, run it on your computer.

Step 2: Select file types

From the main window of the software, you can select the file types you would like to recover and then, hit on the “Start” button.

select file type from list

Step 3: Select the location

Select the desired location on your system from where you want the software to scan for the lost files.

select the location 2

Step 4: Preview and recover data

Once the scan is complete, the software lets you preview the recoverable data. Select the target files you want to get back and hit on “Recover” button to save them on your computer.

recover lost data easily

You can use a Deep scan if the Quick scan doesn’t help you recover your target files.

How to Get iBeesoft Data Recovery Free Licenses Key?

The free trial of iBeesoft data recovery only lets you scan and preview the recoverable data. In order to recover data, you need to purchase the license. And an alliance with iBeesoft, we have organized 15 free licenses for our readers. So, our 15 lucky readers get these licenses. All you need to do is to leave comments about why you need iBeesoft data recovery or something related to iBeesoft. After a week, we will pick out 15 comments and send licenses.


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