Steganos Safe 20 Serial Number Free

Steganos Safe is a data safeguarding software for Windows 10/8/7 users. This security software allows you to create a virtual and password protected secure drive on their system for storing your valuable data.

The Steganos Safe 20 is your secure drive for storing Important files. To get the Steganos Safe 20 Serial Number for Free, follow the instruction at the last of the article.

Steganos Safe is used like any drive on your computer. Save, edit or delete files on it. When the Safe is closed, your data is protected. Without entering the password, unauthorized third parties cannot access the steganos Safe secure file.

steganos safe 20 serial number

steganos safe also protects your data in the cloud server and this giveaway version supports encryption of Dropbox, Microsoft one drive and Google Drive.

Steganos Safe 20 Key Features:

  1. Creates a password-protected virtual safe to store your photos, music, documents, etc.
  2. Works like a real safe to protect your data — no one can get in without a password.
  3. Turns your USB flash drives into a digital safe key
  4. Shreds unwanted data files permanently and defeats data recovery applications.
  5. Blocks unauthorized access to e-mails with fast single-click encryption.

Steganos Safe 20 key features

How to Get Steganos Safe Serial Key Free for 1 Year

Step 1:  Visit the Promo Page HERE

Step 2: Enter your email address and click on “Request Serial Number”

Steganos Safe 20 giveaway 2020

Step 3: Check your email inbox or spam folder to get the license key for free.

Hope, you will be enjoyed your important data protection with steganos safe fully serial key. Check the email inbox license code, its validity is one year.

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