Best Free MOV Converter For Windows – List of Top 10

All the MOV converter doesn’t provide best convert facility with advance level features. We created a list of best free MOV converter for windows and they support to convert it almost all the audio and video formats. Some of them has more features like audio and video join, cut or trim and many more.

Best Free MOV Converter For Windows

All the converter was tested and provides best top class service and can challenge it to all against other MOV converter. Finding a best one you must need to look the image to grab the view of those software and also need to read about them problem. So no need to wait more, here we go:

Freemake Audio Converter

It is really good free MOV converter and it is better than others. You can create lots of audio and video files as you want. It supports more formats and have possibility to batch convert. I will recommend you to use it. It has quick and easy user interface and no need to other page to do a whole convert. Let’s make a try.

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This is another big MOV converter who can do better than others. You will get some more additional features that converts need to do advanced type of convert. You can change sound, tasking, audio and video bitrate, can change the quality and many more that I can’t finish here.

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IQmango Converter

It supports MOV files to convert including other audio and video formats like WMV, AMR, AIFF, M3A, MP3 and many more. The output file setting cannot be changed there but you can change the file quality by maintain the percentage of quality. On this subject higher percentage means good quality.

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Audio Extractor For Free

It is a free audio converter and audio extractor so that you can extract audio from many files including MOV file format. It is not a bulk converter so that you can convert multiple file at once. You can also get some advance facility to change the bitrate, audio channel and volume, bitrate and many more. Now let’s download it from the link given below.

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Chameleon Audio Converter

By using this you can convert all the audio file to any MOV file format like MOV to MP3 format. You cannot use it for video convert because it only supports audio formats. It has good user interface and can convert files for multiple conversion. You cannot get additional options for changing the main file. It looks good while converting files.

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Any Audio Converter

Any video converter is free to use and can convert any audio file to any format easily. This software can convert files like CUE, RMVB, APE, AMR, MP4, OGG and many more. You cannot change the setting of output file. You can see a preview of files that you added to media player and you can play the file from there. It’s user interface is very colorful. Now let’s make a try.

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Convert-All Media Converter

It is a very simple video and audio converter. You can convert all the files to your desired MOV format. You cannot convert batch MOV file. It is free to use and can convert all the MOV file to AVI, MP3, 3GP, WAV, MP4, 3G2 and many more. The user interface of this software is very simple and can get advanced video formatting options and can maintain the quality of your file, can change the bitrate, resolution, frame rate and also change the codec of the file. To enjoy this software, you can follow the link given below.

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Leapic Audio Converter Free

It is best free MOV converter to convert audio files on windows operating system. You can enjoy bulk processing on this converter and it is also best MOV batch converter. You can change the audio quality and output format. You can change the quality to high, medium or low format. It is really very good convert and can use it. You will get only some option to do the complete process and it’s very easy.

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Free Any MP3 Converter

It is free MOV converter and can convert easily any added audio file to desired format. You can also convert video file to audio format and can change the sample rate, bitrate, channel and many more. You can do many file convert by bulk converting. So want to try it, then follow the link given below.

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Mega Video Converter

It is another good simple user interface used video converter. You can convert MOV files to multiple device comfortable formats. You can change the output folder and conversion settings like bitrate for audio and video, channel and many more. Bulk processing on this software is also available. The main user interface is really looks like latest windows 10 interface. You can check the history of your converted files and it is an uncommon feature. Now let’s make a deal with it.

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Above you got lots of idea about best 10 MOV file converter and can use any of them. All the software doesn’t support both audio and video conversion and you can know about it on the description paragraph of each converter and can know the supported formats about them. All the provided information can be changeable because the developers of them is not stand by mode.

Thanks for reading and staying with us. If you have any other question you can comment below. We will try to reply as soon as possible. Good luck for your best try.

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