10 Best Ad Blocker for Android Phone, Tablet & Browser 2017

Online has lots of ad blocker app and it is really hard to find out a best one. We researched about it and made a list of Best Ad Blocker for Android Phone, Tablet and Browsers In 2017. Now a time android users become tired by closing ad. Some apps show ads overmuch. To block or stop ads sometimes there has option to on / off ads on the app for free or paid. Some apps have no option to turned them off. So for those reason people looking for ad blocker apps.

Best Ad Blocker for Android 2017

Best Ad Blocker for Android 2017 to Stop Ads on Google Chrome, Firefox and Browsers-Top 10 List:

#1. Adblock Browser for Android

Adblock Browser for Android 2016

It is one of the best ad blocker service provider. It is become very popular for desktop browsers and now a time it is also released for android users. It can block all kind of annoying ads while you are surfing on online. It takes best part of the market since 2006. It’s ad blocking service quality is really very high. It is really very fast to load pages and also saves battery life and data of your device. It always enhances your privacy and reduce the risk of being infected with malware. Many trusted sources are using it and we are also recommending you to use it.

Price: Free

Supported Android OS Version:2.3 and up

File Size:38M

Developer:Eyeo GmbH

Download & Know More About>> Adblock Browser for Android

#2. Ad Detect Plugin

Ad Detect Plugin

It can detect all the embed ad on apps that your device has. It can detect them and shows you the name of the providers. It always monitors all apps and if any abnormal behaviors seen then it will take any big action about them and can decide to remove the apps but it will must take your permission. For quick access you can create a widget of it on your screen. For better user experience you can use it on multiple languages.

Price: Free

Supported Android OS Version:2.3 and up

File Size:1.4M

Developer:AIO Software

Download & Know More About>> Ad Detect Plugin

#3. TrustGo Ad Detector

TrustGo Ad Detector 2016

It is one of the best ad detector software but  also it works to find out privacy violations and leaks through by ads. It targets all the ad surfing apps and collect information about them and how they are using your devices.

It pushes all the ads to your notification bar to avoid disturb while doing any important work. It stops all the unauthorized shortcut creating on screen.

It can modify the default browsers and its homepage and bookmarks setting. It always stops the ad server to making calls and downloading risky malicious files while you done a click on ad.

It is working on over 100 advertising company that are surfing ads for android apps.

Price: Free

Supported Android OS Version:2.2 and up

File Size:383k

Developer:TrustGo Team

Download & Know More About>> TrustGo Ad Detector

#4. Ad-Network Scanner & Detector

Ad-Network Scanner & Detector 2016

It is one of the best product of lookout Labs. It scans your device for the presence of ad network. It can detect the capability of the ad network and also monitor the behaviors of the ad networks. It also scans for the adware. It works very fine and if something wrong seen after the scan you can see the complete report and it will help you to take any big action.

Price: Free

Supported Android OS Version:2.1 and up

File Size:292k

Developer:Lookout Labs

Download & Know More About>> Ad-Network Scanner & Detector

#5. Adblock Fast

Adblock Fast 2016

Maximum people think that to blocking ad user must need to root the android device but if you follow this app you have no need to do root your device. It has an filtering rules to do accelerate webpages for consuming more low spaces, CPU processes and also done it’s major work which is ad blocking. It doesn’t accept any other ad block network installed on your device.

Price: Free

Supported Android OS Version:4.4 and up

File Size:6.9M

Developer:Rocketship Apps

Download & Know More About>> Adblock Fast

#6. AppBrain Ad Detector

AppBrain Ad Detector 2016

Don’t need to be worried about the ad because appbrain ad detector will provide you potential concerns. It can detect all the apps that are annoying you about ad. It is also working to identify adware and spyware. It can also detect ad network and can tell you which ad network is embed on the targeted app. It can also know more about social SDKs using apps and developer’s tools on the app.

Price: Free

Supported Android OS Version:2.3 and up

File Size:1.7M


Download & Know More About>>AppBrain Ad Detector

#7. Ad Clean & Antivirus Security

Ad Clean & Antivirus Security 2016

It is one of the best simple and more efficient ad cleaner tool which also provide you antivirus solution. You will get more advanced facility here. It will also detect adware and works to find out standard and more aggressive and dangerous ads. It has the highest detection rate on antivirus security and it also takes small space on your device.

Price: Free

Supported Android OS Version:2.3 and up

File Size:4.5M

Developer:Stopbadapp Mobile Security

Download & Know More About>> Ad Clean & Antivirus Security

#8. Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery Privacy Browser 2016

If you don’t feel free to use any app then you can use this browser to surf online ad free. It detects all the script and ad behavior from the site and block any harmful behavior. It is very easy to use and configure. It also helps sites to load more fast. It will also help you to avoid tracking.

Price: Free

Supported Android OS Version:4.0.3 and up

File Size:2.0M

Developer: Ghostery, Inc.

Download & Know More About>> Ghostery Privacy Browser

Just choose the Best Ad Blocker for Android Phones, Tablet & Browser which one is compatible for you and enjoy. Thanks for reading and staying with us.

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