9 Best Free App to Hide Photos and Videos

Do you need to hide pictures and videos on your phone or Tablet? We may have many private pictures and videos on our phone. We need to ensure privacy for our personal photos. You will be glad to know that we are going to share some Best app to Hide Pictures and Videos on your android and iPhone.

Best App to Hide Pictures and Videos

Best App to Hide Pictures and Videos –Top list 9:

You need to use the app to Hide Pictures and Videos. Because it’s hard to decide which is the best for you? In this article, we are going to talk you through some of the best app that hides pics.

So, read the article carefully and find out which is the best app that hides photos. Let’s start the review.

9. Gallery Lock:

Gallery Lock is the top rated apps for hide pictures and videos. It is easy to use and it is an app that is absolutely needed for protection of personal privacy. You can lock all your private photos and videos with password protection. You can also lock your personal photos with different types of lock system such as pattern, pin and password. You can also back up to your Google drive, Dropbox or Box account.

Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock features at a glance:

  1. Enjoy Hide Photos & Videos with different lock system.
  2. Enjoy Watchdog features when you are 3rd failed password attempt, built-in camera takes photo of attacker.
  3. Enjoy Share pictures from Gallery Lock to any applications.
  4. Enjoy Cloud Backup supported to Google Drive, and more.
  5. Get Folders supported features
  6. Get Beautiful designs
  7. Easy to Rotate and zoom features as you want.
  8. Get Slide Show supported.
  9. Enjoy Mp3 background music playing supported while slide show.
  10. Get a variety of viewing mode.
  11. Enjoy Multi-select feature for fast hiding, un-hiding, sharing

Price is free

Download Gallery Lock and know more

8. Photo Locker:

Photo Locker is a popular app that hides photo photos securely and conveniently in Photo Locker. You will get the ultimate hidden gallery app for hiding photos on Android phone.

Photo Locker

It will safe your Sensitive photos from your Android photo gallery. It can be kept safely locked away in a secure Photo Locker accessible only via a secret PIN code. It is encrypted to ensure no one could see it even if they get full control over the phone.

Photo Locker features at a glance:

  • Enjoy Hidden pictures are both moved to a secret location on your phone and encrypted using advanced 128 bit AES encryption
  • Easily hide photos via default gallery
  • By Keeping safe hundreds of photos quickly
  • Get lock individual hidden photo albums
  • Easy to Zoom in and out of hidden photos with multi-touch
  • Enjoy Hidden photos maintain their original Rotate hidden pictures left and right
  • Enjoy Slideshow viewing mode available with customizable delay setting
  • Easy to Remove from recent app list so that it will not appear in ‘recent apps’ list
  • Enjoy PIN recovery feature

Price is free Limited version and Pro for $4.99

Download Photo Locker and know more

7. FotoX Hide Pictures & Videos:

FotoX is a unique picture hiding app that you can enjoy good security and backup features for your private photos.

FotoX Hide Pictures & Videos

You will get four types of locking methods such as including Pin, Password, Pattern and Face Detection. You can also add photo and video to your vault by taking the picture from the app. It is easy to use for the Hide and protects your private Photos and Videos in private Gallery and also securely backup your data in the Cloud. You can also Share private data among multiple devices.

Features FotoX at a glance:

  1. Enjoy Hide Pictures, photo and Video.
  2. Easy to Store your private pictures, photos and videos in FotoX Gallery
  3. Get take a photo directly from the FotoX, import photos from Android gallery or simply
  4. Get Fake Crash dialog unlock
  5. Get enabler you to securely store all your private Images and Videos in the cloud and to transfer the data between multiple device
  6. Get record and store this attempt.
  7. Keep able to reset existing lock and regain access to FotoX app.

Price is free

Download FotoX and know more

6. Private Photo Vault:

Private Photo Vault is a number one iOS private apps is also available on your android phone. You can safe that keeps all of your private pictures and videos hidden behind a password.

Private Photo Vault

It keeps your photos and videos safe by requiring a password to view them. It allows you to password protect the entire app as well as individual photo albums (double layer password security). You can easily create your own personal photo locker. All your secret images and videos that are protected with this app.

Private Photo Vault features at a glance:

  • Easy to protect your photos and gallery with Password protection
  • Enjoy Pin Lock Password to protect Photo Albums
  • Easy to Create Secret Photo Albums right in the App
  • Enjoy Custom Album Covers to keep safe the contents of your private album
  • Get Private Photo Vault is hidden from your recently used apps list
  • By keeping photos safe and secure, away from prying eyes
  • Easy to Create a video vault that offers protection for your private videos

Price is free limited features and Pro for $3.99

Download Private Photo Vault and know more

5. Safe Gallery Free:

Safe Gallery is a popular for hiding app that you will keep password protect all your media files in the Gallery as you want. You can be protected with three different types of locks such as Pin, Password and Pattern protection. You can also backup all your data in the app so that you could restore it in the situation of data loss. You can also enjoy hide the app with App Hide Mode. The system will not show that app is even present on your phone’s system.

Safe Gallery Free

Features Safe Gallery Free at a glance:

  • Get the lock of albums of gallery easily
  • Enjoy password protect all your media files
  • Keep Safe Photo and Show all locked photos.
  • Keep Safe Video and Show all locked videos.
  • Keep Safe Web Image and Show all locked web images.
  • Keep Safe Audio files and Show all locked audios.
  • Get three Types of screen lock such as PINs, Password, Pattern

Price is free

Download Safe Gallery Free and know more

4. Hide Photos Video Hide it pro:

Hide Photos, Video-Hide it pro is the best for a multi-task features. You can Hide Pictures, Hide Videos, Hide Applications, Hide Messages, and Hide Calls in your android phone. It is easy to use and free from cost. You can use unlimited version.

Hide Photos Video Hide it pro

You can also hide sensitive photos & videos from your photo gallery. You can easily and access using a secret PIN code. Now you can also easily share your phone without worrying about privacy.

Features Hide Photos, Video-Hide it pro at a glance:

  1. Easy to Hide Pictures, Hide Videos, Hide Applications, Hide Messages, and Hide Calls in your android phone
  2. Get Free Cloud backup to Google Drive
  3. Enjoy Gallery with integrated Slideshow and Sharing to WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  4. Get Integrated Video player with support for VLC player, MPlayerX etc.
  5. Enjoy Two lock screen options viz Pin and Password
  6. By keeping safe your photos and videos lock your folders with the best photos and videos locker and more.

Price is free

Download Hide Photos, Video-Hide it pro and know more

3. Hide Pictures Keep Safe Vault:

Keepsafe is the best photo locker app. It is easy to use. You can hide and lock personal pictures and photo albums or secret videos behind multiple layers of security. You can safe your personal photos and videos your device by storing your photos and videos in your secure Private Cloud. Your photos are secured via a PIN, pattern or your fingerprint. You will get a Back up option for photos or videos. You can also easy for recovery as you want. Let’s review the features

Hide Pictures Keep Safe Vault

Keep Safe Vault features at a glance:

  • Get Everything behind a lock -Sync photos or videos
  • Easy to Back up photos or videos for easy recovery
  • Get Face-down auto lock
  • Get Safe Send photo sharing as you need.

Price is free

Download Keep Safe Vault and know more

2. Vault Hide SMS Pics & Videos:

Vault is a mobile picture hiding app, videos, sms, call logs and contacts on your phone. Currently there are more than 100 million users worldwide using this app to protect their mobile privacy. You will be enjoying App Lock, Private Bookmark, Incognito Browser, Cloud Backup and much more. Let’s review the features.

hide-pictures-videos-vaulty Vault Hide SMS Pics & Videos

Features Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos at a glance:

  1. Easily Hide and Protect Photos & videos with password protection.
  2. Easily hide your SMS and read, back up or restore as you want.
  3. Get contacts as private and all call logs and SMS with them will be hidden.
  4. Enjoying App Lock to protect your social, photo, call logs and telephone apps to prevent privacy leak.
  5. Get Private browser, your internet surf will leave no traces behind. There is also Private Bookmark feature.
  6. Enjoy back up your SMS, contacts and call logs, photos and videos to Cloud so they never get lost.
  7. Enjoy Cloud Backup feature, you can easily transfer your data to a new phone.
  8. No need to worry about forgetting your password.

Price is free for limited version

Download Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos and know more

1. Hide Pictures & Videos Vaulty:

Vaulty is a popular hide Pictures and videos app for android device .it is the most reliable app for hiding photos and videos on Android phone. You will get many advanced features. It is easy to use .You can easily hide pictures and videos from your phone Gallery as you want.

Hide Pictures & Videos Vaulty

You want to create password-protect it. It is ensuring your privacy. You can also save your photos and videos to Vaulty’s online backup service. You can easily restore them in case they get deleted.

Vaulty features at a glance:

  • Easy to hide any images and videos, then view them from inside the app.
  • Keep Stay protected. Use a PIN or text password to protect.
  • Get Keep your data safe in case of an accident.
  • Get automatic online backup to save your pictures and organize pictures.
  • By using a different password.

Price is free and offers in app purchases

Download Vaulty and know more

Hopefully, you read the 9 Best app to Hide Pictures and Videos. Now it’s time to choose the one for you and you know that which one will provide the best service for you. Choose and enjoy it. Thanks for enjoying it.

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