Top 12 Best Android Tablet Apps

Nowadays tablet is becoming more popular than smart phones or another tech device. For this app developing company’s making more and more app for android tablet. Tablet companies are also adding many unbelievable features in a tablet which makes life so much easy. People are using this app in their every day’s life. Best android tablet apps are so useful in our daily life. It helps in productivity, media consumption, social media handling and reading. The big screen of the tablet will give you the best experience of apps. You will feel comfortable. But for a better experience, you need better quality apps. Some apps are so much better in android tablet. In play store, you can find unlimited apps for the android tablet. Some apps are so much famous for these features. Every day new apps are coming. Google play store is the largest apps store for android tablet, you can find any apps in play store. But some apps are leading the store.

Best Android Tablet Apps

Top 12 Best Android Tablet Apps Review:

#01. Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a Great app. It is the top downloaded apps for the tablet. It’s mainly a PDF viewing, editing, and reading app. This app is the first PDF viewing app of Google play store. Adobe Acrobat Reader is famous for their amazing features.It’s so simple to use. And this app is so much help full for workers and students. They can easily view, edit and read their documents. You need android 4.4 kitkat+ operating system to use it.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader Features:

  1. Easily open any kind of document, doc file or pdf
  2. You can search anything in
  3. You can scroll, zoom in and out pdf file which is better for
  4. You can change the reading mood and highlight any
  5. You can add your comments as sticky notes in
  6. Also, you can draw in
  7. It can convert a photo to scan copy.
  8. This app has own cloud network so you can also use it for file
  9. You can add an image in pdf using this
  10. It can also convert doc file to pdf

#02. MX Player:

Mx player is a famous and best app for android tablet. 500,000,000 people are using this app for their android device. Mainly it is a strong video player. But the main thing is it has so many advanced options and features. This helps you to watch video clearly. It increases video quality. You can watch the video with subtitle. It came up with many languages. It is the best app for watching movies and videos. It gives you better sound quality also. You need Android 3.3 Gingerbread+ operating system to use it.

MX Player

MX Player Features:

  • You can watch videos and movies in
  • It also supports 3D
  • Mx player supports multi-core
  • You can easily zoom in and zoom out in the video by just tapping in
  • You can increase video brightness by just scrolling.
  • Another amazing thing is you can edit the app UI
  • The app also has kid’s mood for
  • You can hide any video using this app.
  • Its support every type off subtitle like SSA/ASS subtitle tracks, SAMI(.smi) with Ruby tag, Sub Rip(.srt) etc .
  • You can also connect Bluetooth or wireless headset via this
  • You can play not only video but also

#03. Clean Master-Antivirus:

One of the best security apps for android tablet is Clean Master. Which is the top downloaded antivirus app of 2016? Still, it is in number one security app in play store. It is an antivirus app. Also, work as a security app. Mainly clean master use for erasing junk files like photo junk, video junk, system junk, advertisement junk, and cache junk. By deleted these things it keeps storage free. It can speed up your phone. Clean Master is so easy to use.Anyone can use it. Over 1,000,000,000 people are using this app .Clean master protects your phone from the virus. It gives you the best security for your tab.

Clean Master-Antivirus

Clean Master-Antivirus Features:

  1. You can clean junk
  2. Boost your phone
  3. Increase up tab speed and also make faster than
  4. It can also free up your tablets RAM, which will give you better
  5. You can scan virus and erase
  6. You can also clean many things in Facebook, Whats App using this
  7. Easily can lock any You can give the password for open apps.
  8. It has a battery saver feature which helps save battery
  9. It can cool down your phone because it has CPU cleaner

#04. UC Browser:

UC browser is an internet browsing app for android tablet. It is one of the best browser apps for android. It will give you fastest browsing experience. UC browser can increase the normal download speed so you can download any files, videos, images faster than any other time. UC browser UI design is so amazing. You can customize it. It has many cool extensions which will give you the better browsing feeling. You need android 4.2 jellybean+ operating system to use it.

UC Browser

UC Browser Features:

  • Fast download
  • Amazing user
  • Cricket card Feature which will give you cricket
  • It has data saving
  • One of the best features of this app is Ad
  • UC browser has a Facebook
  • It also has a night mood feature which helps you to use UC browser in the

#05. Google Drive:

Google drive is a file, photo, video sharing app. Google drive is the best file sharing app for android. After login, you will get 15 GB free cloud storage. So you can share more and more files. This app has a great user interface. And the main thing is this app is fully secured. You can upload anything to the drive. It also helps for backup things. Google drive is one of the top rated apps in Google play store.

Google Drive

Google Drive Features:

  1. You can easily and safely store your files and also can view edit from
  2. Search for a file by file
  3. Easily view your
  4. Share your files with other using
  5. You can see file details using Google
  6. It has an offline
  7. You can import photos from Google
  8. Google releases a new update of this app which is smoother.

#06. PicsArt Photo Studio & Collage:

PicsArt is the best photo editing app of all time. It is top rated and downloaded photo editing app in play store. You can edit your photos as you wish. The entire feature is mind blowing. You will get unlimited photo filters, collage frames, stickers, fonts anything you need. The app is so easy to use, anyone can use it. The app is mainly made for a tablet. So it gives best photo editing experience in a tablet. You need android 4.4 kitkat+ operating system to use it.

PicsArt Photo Studio & Collage

PicsArt Photo Studio & Collage Features:

  • PicsArt has 1000s of photo
  • It has an HDR
  • Best editing
  • You can easily edit your image like increase brightness, contrast and
  • Also, you can draw in PicsArt.
  • You will get 100s of the font in their own store.
  • Also, it has awesome
  • PicsArt has beauty mode it makes your image more
  • You can blur your picture using
  • Also, you will get real-time filters in PicsArt
  • Mainly you can edit your picture as a

#07. SwiftKey:

SwiftKey is a keyboard app for android. By installing Swiftkey it will change your phone’s keyboard style. You can customize the UI of the keyboard. You can change color, font and other things. It will speed up the typing speed of phones keyboard. SwiftKey Keyboard has Artificial Intelligence. So it can recognize new sentence.Also, it is an emoji keyboard. You will get 1000s of emoji. More than 150 language supports in SwiftKey.


SwiftKey Features:

  1. Type faster than other keyboard
  2. By swiping you can
  3. It has autocorrected This is so helpful.
  4. Every time you type a new slang, nicknames, and phrases the keyboard learns
  5. It has 80+ colors and
  6. You can change the font style of
  7. The auto correct also work in 150+
  8. All the emoji is flat designed so it looks so

#08. Google Play Music:

Google play music is the best music app in play store. Every android tablet comes with this app. It is a music app.It gives the best quality sound of any music or tracks. Not only from your storage can you listen to songs from online by using this app. You can also upload 50000+ songs or music in cloud storage. People will listen to them using android phones tabs or another android device. You can also download songs from Google play music. It works in the background and also in offline. More than 5,000,000,000 people using this app. You need Android 4.2 Jellybean+ operating system to use it.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music Features:

  • Works radio in Google play
  • Store more than 50000 songs from your favorite
  • You can subscribe for listening to songs
  • One feature is so famous which is a family plan where 6 members can listen to songs
  • No Ads arrive in subscriber
  • It supports not only all android device but also in IOS or
  • You can increase songs beat and other
  • Easily you can make your own favorite list using this

#09. Nova launcher:

Nova launcher is the best launcher app for android tablet. It is the top-ranked launcher app in play store. By installing the app you can customize the full android UI and also the home screen. It fully made by material design. This makes your tablet more amazing. You will get an awesome home tab. You can also edit the icon style, fonts, icon size and other things. Mainly it gives you the power to change everything off your tablet or smartphone. It makes the tablet smarter. You can also change the layout.  You will get 100s of animation for layout and scrolling. You can choose any of them.

Nova launcher

Nova launcher Features:

  1. You will get unlimited icon
  2. Customize the UI of your tablet.
  3. You can control colors of everything like the home screen, font color, tab color, heading
  4. You will get amazing Widget in Nova
  5. You can custom app
  6. You can backup your files using this
  7. It can automatically import every needed thing in the home
  8. It has app lock or hides feature which helps for
  9. You will get the unlimited wallpaper in nova launcher

#10. Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus:

Avast is one of the best antivirus apps for the android tablet. More than 500,000,000 people use this app. Avast is an extraordinary security app. It has everything you need. Many effective features added in this app for protecting your tab or phone from the virus. This app can remove all types of virus. It also works as a security app. You can lock your phone, app and other files using this app. Avast also has boost feature which can boost your phone and speed up your tab. It is so easy and simple to use and this is also a top rated app of play store.

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus Features:

  1. It can remove any kind of virus and
  2. It has firewall feature (only for rooted tablet/phone)
  3. Strongest app locker but so simple to
  4. One tap ram It helps to speed up the phone performance.
  5. You can clean all junk file using
  6. Easily lock any
  7. You can find the harmful app which is harmful to your
  8. Also, you will get web It makes your browsing more secure.

    #11. Amazon Kindle:

Who don’t love to read books? If it can be in now phone or tablets, that will be more better. That’s why Amazon company came with a new splash, they made an app which contains millions books for read in tablets. Mainly this app is for Tablets. More than 500,000,000+ downloaded this app and used to read many books. This app contains 850000+ books. So, it is a awesome and famous app for tablets.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Features:

  1. You can purchase books through it
  2. Here you can keep 3 million books at a time!
  3. You can read magazines also through it
  4. This app supports audio books
  5. This app also contains Whisper sync
  6. It has a most powerful look up smart search function
  7. You can customize it’s all themes according to your choice

#12. Air Droid:

Air Droid, a most famous mobile or tablet control app. Mainly Air Droid is a free and fast Android app that helps you manage your Android phone/tablet from a web browser, all over the air. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Controlling your own tablet from another place is really an amazing thing. Tablet users like it  for their own security. More than 50,000,000 users downloaded it and used it. It’s a most famous and top rated app for tablet after all.

Air Droid

Air Droid Features:

  • This app can manage your tablet/phone from Windows, Mac etc.
  • It can transfer files to windows from tablet wirelessly
  • When any call or SMS comes, it will be come into your Windows as a notification
  • You can use any apps in your tablet through PC using Air Droid
  • It allows backup sync
  • It can clean your junk files
  • It can speed up your phone also
  • You can locate your phone, if it lost
  • You can use camera through it

The apps which are described over are the best apps for your Tablet. Here there is an anti-virus, which will protect your device from malware. There is a photo editing app to make your photos brighter. There is a video player to play your videos. Here is music app with biggest music Library. There is an acrobat reader which will help you in reading books. There is a launcher also to make your tablets home fresher. There is a browser to browse faster. So, all kind of best android tablet apps are in this list. Maybe, you will try this app and like also. Download them and try once!

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