Top 7 Best Beat Making App Free for Android iPhone 2020

Looking for the Best Beat Making App Free for Android/ iPhone? Those kinds of app which can help you to make or create beats, raps or dub sets.That app also helps you to create beats and these can be easy to use. Today we are going to discuss the best free beat making app for android.

You will be Feeling confuse to select the best free Beat Making Apps. Because it’s hard to decide which one is the best for you? But, here you can get a list of top 10 best free Beat Making App Free for iPhone/android review to find out which app is perfect for you. Let’s start the review.

Best Beat Making App

Best Beat Making App Free for Android/ iPhone- Top list 7

#07. DJStudio5:

DJStudio5 is a free and powerful party-proof virtual turntable for DJs apps. It enables you to mix, remix, scratch, loop or pitch your music in the palm of your hands.
It will be designed to be user friendly, social and responsive, you now have the keys to mix your music and rule the party.


DJstudio5 features at a glace:

  1. Unique scratch engine and disc physic
  2. By browsing your mp3 music library by folder, artist, album, name
  3. Easy to Edit and re-order playlist
  4. Get 8sound effects such as Flanger, Phaser, Gate, Reverb, Bit crusher, 3D, Brake and Flipping
  5. Get Double-bands equalizer for each deck10 customizable sample pads
  6. IN/OUT and beat based loops
  7. Automatic landscape and portrait mode
  8. Get Live record your mixes with the built-in recorder Auto-mix feature (random & playlist modes)
  9. Easy to Share your mixes on the SoundCloud social network
  10. Enjoy Live sound spectrum view with beats detection and zoom
  11. Use your wave and mp3 music library

Price is free

Download DJstudio5 and know more

#06. Drum Pads 24:

Drum Pads 24 beat making app for android. It is also an amazing app that is similar to Hip Hop Pads app but it’s good in its own way. You will get more than 5 Million installs with a rating of 4.3 out of 5.

By Using Drum Pads, you will get 24 produce any genre of music as you like. This app also put in your hands 2 scenes with 12 pads each, four loop modes for each pad. You can also share your beats with friends using the recording option. You can enjoy amazing EDM sound packs and make your own music tracks. It is the key to have fast fingers so that can be epic on any drum pad controller.

Drum Pads 24

Drum Pads 24 features at a glance:

  • Get new sound packs are released every month.
  • Get drag pads between scenes and place them as you want. It’s all about your convenience.
  • Easy to save changes is upcoming feature!
  • Use pattern editor with 16 steps for each pad and create more complex beats.
  • Enjoy four pattern slots to set up your rhythms.
  • Get video tutorials directly in the app or on Youtube.
  • Get new ideas for your beats record your own track and share it.
  • All records are directly from your file manager in Drum Pads 24 records directory.
  • Share it of your friends discover new music.
  • Create your own track and share it directly from the app.

Price is free

Download Drum Pads 24 and know more

#05. Hip Hop Pads:

Hip Hop Pads is a unique beat making app for your android phone. It is a free Drum Pads style app. You will get Lightweight application, fun and easy to play. You can create Rap and Hip Hop beats.

It has 90 realistic sounds recorded with studio audio HD quality. It is an Ideal for DJs make quality beats. Because it is easy to play and come with lessons, the HIP HOP PADS is also ideal for new users get trying the beats.

Hip Hop Pads

Hip Hop pads features at a glace:
  • Enjoy Multi Touch
  • Get 6 complete Kits of samples of Rap music
  • Enjoy more than 90 realistic sounds
  • Get Studio audio quality sound
  • Enjoy music Likes a Drum Pads
  • Easy to play
  • Best for DJs and amateurs
  • Get Recording Mode
  • Easy to Export your records to mp3 and more
  • Works on all screen resolutions as you want.

Price is free

Download Hip Hop pads and know more

#04. Figure Make Music & Beats:

Figure is a Create beat making app for iphone. You will make songs with Drums, Bass and Lead Synch it is easy to use. You can play music by sliding your finger across the play pad. You are always connected in key and on the beat. You can also Share your music on Allihoopa and let others remix or develop in Figure and other apps.

Figure Make Music & Beats

Figure features at a glance:

  • Enjoy and make songs with Drums, Bass and Lead Synth
  • Play by sliding your finger across with the play pad
  • Always to connect in key and on the beat
  • Easy to share your music on Allihoopa and let others remix or develop in Figure and other apps
  • Enjoy your music with people all over the world
  • Easy to Find out your music from the Allihoopa community to remix and develop
  • No need to previous playing skills required
  • Tweak and twist your track on the fly
  • Sounding amazing has never been this easy

Price is free

Download Figure and know more

#03. Music Maker:

Music Maker Jam is a simple beat maker app for android phone. It allows you to produce beats easily using a complete range of 70 music styles with an 8-channels mixer. You will get real time effects and thousands of professional loops to create your beats.

You can create, share and discover amazing tracks across a wide variety of genres like EDM, hip hop, dub step, house, pop, rock and much more. You will get thousands of studio-quality loops. It also creates beats and melodies to start mixing your new track. You can also share instantly with a world-wide audience.

Music Maker

Music Maker features at a glance:

  • Produce beats easily using a complete range of 70 music styles.
  • Get real time effects and thousands of professional loops.
  • Easily integrate to your beats.
  • Easy to create, share and discover amazing tracks.
  • Get thousands of studio-quality loops, beats and melodies.
  • Share instantly with a world-wide audience.
  • Get Remix tracks by shaking your device.
  • Enjoy Record your own vocals.

Price is free

Download Music Maker and know more

#02. EasyBeats Drum Machine Free MPC:

EasyBeats Drum Machine is easy to use. You can crate Beats Easy with all drum kits unlocked and the ability to import your own. No need to spend hundreds on hardware MPC. It builds from the ground up to be the quickest and easiest way to create great sounding beats. You can create new beat patterns as you want. You will find it easy to compose amazing beats. You will get fantastic pattern editor sequencer designed for easy drag use, tweaking and more.

EasyBeats Drum Machine Free MPC

EasyBeats Drum Machine Features at a glance:

  • Easily import your own track
  • Get 16 loop-able bars each up to 64 step quantized
  • Audio Copy and Paste
  • Audio Bus Support and WiST support
  • Get MIDI Clock Sync Client (Start/Stop/BPM)
  • Enjoy new beats and sounds, or share your own!
  • Enjoy Multi touch pattern editor with drag/drop and copy/paste support
  • Get All New effects XY editor with Automation!

Price is free

Download EasyBeats Drum Machine and know more

#01. DigiDrummer Lite:

DigiDrummer Lite is a free app. You can play drums and create awesome music its user-friendly.It has 8 drum pads with a high quality library of 16-bits drum samples. You can play with your fingers to create the beats that as you like. Let’s review the features.

DigiDrummer Lite

DigiDrummer Lite Features at a glance:

  • Enjoy 8 drum kits
  • Save your beats in your own Beat Library
  • Low latency
  • Enjoy High quality 16-bit drum samples!
  • Enjoy Recording and playback function
  • Enjoy Slide across the pads.
  • Get fantastic new possibilities and speed to your drum play.

Price is free

Download DigiDrummer Lite and know more


Hopefully, you read all the Top 7 Best free Beat Making App 2020. Now it’s time to choose the one for you and you know that which one will provide the best iPhone or android app for beat making.. Choose and enjoy it. Thanks for enjoying it.

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