Best Free Animation Software 2017 for Beginner -Top 10 Review

Are you wanted to make animation character to make some fun? In this purpose, you need a best animation software. In this article, I am going to describe you the top 10 best free animation software 2017 for a beginner. Besides, you can download the animation software from this site. You can make an animation movie or with this software. This software is to increase your creativity. There are two kinds of animation software; 2D and 3D. Some are good for professional and some are good for the beginner.

Best Free Animation Software 2017


Top 10 Best Free Animation Software 2017 for Beginner Review:

There are various 2D software you find in the market. But all are not the best. Here I am describing the best 5 animation software which can help you to make the best 2D animation.

#01. Blender:

Blender is the software which is used by professionals, students, animators and other users. Let’s go forward to know more some important features of this software:

Blender Animation Software


  • It is a free and excellent 3D creation tool.
  • You will able to make texture, animations and videos with the blender without any cost. The beginners need to learn to use this software.
  • There are many tools to create animations and video presentations.
  • In order to get the good performance, the interface of the tool is made as user-friendly.
  • It is a community-based program which is licensed under any users, GNU, etc.

Download the Blender Animation Software

#02. Anime Studio:

Anime studio is the software for 2D animation. It is making with various types of features. So, it is the best choice for the beginner. Some important features of Anime Studio are below:

Anime Studio Animation Software


  • The software has great ability to make quality animations with amazing speed. Moreover, the software contains a number of plug-ins.
  • You can add the shadow with some mouse clicks.
  • The pro version contains good features for the professional.
  • You can also reuse your previous creating animation and can change colors, skins easily as your wish.
  • The software works for all versions of windows.

Download the Anime Studio

#03. Pencil:

The pencil is the open-source software which is to help you creating 2D animation. It is one of the most versatile animation software which is for 2D category offering the amazing features without any charge.

Pencil Animation Software


  • You can create colorful 2D animation with your creativity.
  • It makes the simple animations.
  • All important tools are included.
  • The software also supports the multiple slabs and a set of illustration tools.
  • You can determine the color, sounds, frames etc with this software.

Download the Pencil animation software

#04. Plastic Animation Paper:

Plastic Animation Paper is one of the best 2D animation software. In this software, you will find the easy and powerful tools to make an animation which is beautiful. If you want a quick and easy solution, you can use this software.

Plastic Animation Paper


  • The software will create animation from your sketching even from a rough sketch.
  • You will get the easy process within a few moments with this software.
  • The key features of it are adding color, frame, zoom in or out, AVI, PNG, GIF and other formats.
  • The software is suitable for all windows system and iPad App.

Download and details of the Plastic Animation Paper

#05. Creatoon:

Cartoon software  is the software that use to make 2D animation. It is good software for the trainer and learner. But you cannot get the animation with sound. So, you need to import sounds from somewhere else.



  • You can make vector image and other some limited numbers of other formats.
  • It is an user-friendly and instinctive software that helps you to create 2D animations with some special effects.
  • The animation will look simple and not so up-dated but some texts of this software will make it good.
  • Besides, you will get a clear view with the interface of this software.
  • Moreover, Creatoon offers you to add special effects. You can also personalize the tools.

#06. Toon Boom:

It is the software to make 2D animation for your project. Some features of this software are given below:

Toon Boom


  • With the Toon Boom, you can make five different animation techniques.
  • The techniques are digital animation, traditional paper animation, rotoscoping, cut-out animation and stop-motion.
  • The bone-rigging feature of this software makes your animation natural.
  • There is also a feature named onion skinning feature that help you to control the animation movement and timing.
  • You can draw and color your sketch with this program directly. You can also import the digital image and drawing. Besides, you will get some effects such as flames, rain, smoke and others.

Download the Toon Boom Software

#07. Aurora 3D Animation Maker:

It is one of the 3D animation software which provides you some amazing features to create animations.

Aurora 3D Animation Maker


  • You can give watermark to the videos with this software.
  • It is the widely-used animation software.
  • This software allows you to make some special effects with its’ user-friendly interface.
  • You can also add some effects like snowfall, fireworks, motion effects, linear and many more.
  • You can save your animation as Flash, GIF or other formats. Moreover, you can create 3D text and video titles with this software.
  • This software will give you free a trial and you can also buy it.

Download and details about Aurora 3D Animation Maker

#08. DAZ Studio:

DAZ Studio is a 3D animation creator which is very extremely easy to handle.  ‍Some features of this software are as below:

DAZ Studio


  • It is the software that offers you amazing features.
  • DAZ studio is perfect for the amateur animators.
  • It allows the users to create an account to sign up which is free.
  • The features contain NVIDIA Iray which is a photo real tool which real renders.

Download the DAZ Studio

#09. Bryce:

Bryce is a traditional animation maker tool. It is free software which can be downloaded easily.  Let’s go forward to know more some important features are as below:

Bryce Animation Software


  • It has 7 features such as Instancing Lab, DAZ Studio Bridge, Sky Lab Improvements, etc.
  • It has an innovative interface which is user-friendly.
  • You can get some special effects like cloud, water, sky, etc by this tool.
  • But the free version will give you limited features. So try to buy the pro version.

Download the Bryce

# 10. is a web-based animation tool to make animation and modeling. It is a free tool which needs no plugins for your browser. Animation Software


  • You can make polygonal or skeletal animations with the help of this software.
  • It has many good features including mesh instruments, operators, Sub-subject editing, etc.
  • It will offer you 30 formats of file saving options such as blender, FBX, STEP, etc. Y
  • ou can browse it with Firefox, Google Chrome, iOS, Windows.

Download the

Finally, we see that there are many good software for making 3D or 2D animations for animators or learners. You can pick one of them and use it to make your desired animation or modeling. All these Best Free Animation Software 2017 are not only good to make animation but also offer you some amazing effects which make your animation gorgeous.

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