10 Best Parental Control App for Android iPhone Free

To make ensure that your children are using android mobile phones or iphone in the way they are supposed to, you need to install parental control apps. You will get a lot of parental control apps which you can install on android or iPhone applications and make ensure that your child is safe. You will get parental control app. It is easy to decide which one is the best for you? But, here you can get a list of top 10 best parental control app of 2017 for iPhone/android Review to find out which app is perfect for you. Let’s start the review.

Best Parental Control App

Top 10 Best Free Parental Control App for iPhone / Android Free 2017:

#11. Screen Time Parental Control:

Screen Time is top parental control apps that you will manage the time your kids spend on their tablets and android phones. You will see Screen Time has an app timer and you set a daily time limit on the apps you want to restrict. It is easy to Block games at bedtime, but allow reading apps as you want.

Screen Time Parental Control
Screen Time Parental Control features:

  1. Enjoy Screen Time has an app timer that lets you set a daily time limit on the apps you want to restrict
  2. Easy to Block games at bedtime, but allow reading apps
  3. Get Block all apps at lights out time
  4. Get Block social apps and games, and enjoy educational apps during school hours
  5. Block certain apps completely.

Price is free

Download Screen Time Parental Control and know more

#10. OurPact Parental Control and Screen Time Management:

OurPact is the best breakthrough free parental control app for iphone. It enables parental involvement in children’s device habits through Internet and application blocking as you want. It is easy to solution and allows parents to manage their child’s screen time at any time. You can enforcing bedtime, dinnertime, study time and family time throughout the day has never been easier. You will get the power to manage your entire family’s screen time and device use from one powerful application.

OurPact Parental Control and Screen Time Management
OurPact features at a glance:

  • Easy to Block children’s Internet
  • Easy to Block children’s apps
  • Get Schedule Internet and app use according to your child’s daily routine
  • Sep up screen-free bedtime, dinnertime, study time and family time
  • Easy to Create custom, recurring schedules for any activity or time frame
  • East to Block Internet and apps.
  • Easy to manage device access on Wi-Fi and all cellular connections.
  • Allow Website and App access.
  • Easy to Block distracting 3rd Party Apps: Block such as Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Price is free

Download OurPact and know more

#09. FamilyTime Parental Control:

FamilyTime Parental Control App is the best way for families to manage content and time across all devices. You can, monitor & manage kid’s Cell Phone Activities such as Location, Internet, Calls, App Blocking, and much much more.

You can Control app also prevents children from downloading new apps, making phone calls, texting or performing other actions that can cost you money. It can also change internet setting, parent monitoring, application control feature so that parents can control the usage of the kid.

FamilyTime Parental Control
FamilyTime Parental Control features:

  1. Easy to block unwanted apps and games on your children’s Android phones & tablets!
  2. Easy to limit screen time on child’s phone during dinner and bedtime or define custom rules.
  3. Keeping monitor all text messages sent and received by your children on their mobile devices.
  4. Get view their location history and other phone usage info even on the go!
  5. Receive SOS Alerts from your children with full location details.

Price is free

Download FamilyTime and know more

#08. Mobicip Safe Browser with Parental Control:

Mobicip Safe Browser is one of the most popular parental control app for the iPhone. You can safe browser is meant to replace Safari. You can enable using a free or premium Mobicip account. You need to Sign up at mobicip.com.

It is a cloud-filtering service. It helps you create a secure internet for your family, school or business. It allows you to adjust the internet filter or monitor browsing history on multiple tablets, Smartphone and computers.

Mobicip Safe Browser with Parental Control
Mobicip Safe Browser features:

  • Easy to set your filtering level at Elementary, School, or at the ‘No Filtering.
  • Get Enforce strict safe search on all popular search engines.
  • By using a cloud database that is updated 24/7 to stay ahead of the evolving internet.
  • By filtering engine scans every YouTube video and filters it based on the title, description or keywords.
  • Get encrypts all Internet traffic for over-the-air protection at unsecured WiFi hotspots.

Price: free

Download Mobicip Safe Browser and know more

#07 Kids’s Shell:

Kids’s Shell is a popular app for applications and games on your phone or tablet. It allows parents to create a safe zone on your device or tablet. It will make ensure your phone or tablet safe for children.

When you are going to use your child can’t make a call, send SMS, run not allowed applications or buy paid apps. It is the best children’s playground for kids and best locker applications on your android device.

Kids's Shell
Kids Shell Features:

  1. Keep protects your phone & keeps your kids in-app
  2. Launching only the permitted applications.
  3. Keep protects both your children and your device
  4. Easy to Works quick even on devices with huge number of installed applications.
  5. Keep Blocks all the possible ways to leave the safe space
  6. Simple and intuitive design
  7. Set your own password like pin-code

Price: free

Download Kids Shell and know more

#06. MMGuardian Parent App:

MMGuardian Parent App is a kid’s place app. You can send commands and remotely manage the configuration of the child’s phone app. If you do not have created an MMGuardian account, at first you need to register our Parental Control app on your child’s phone.

MMGuardian Parent App
MMGuardian Parent App features at a glance:

  • Easy to Monitor the texts, calls, web, app usage logs of your child’s phone remotely
  • Get Quickly locate your child’s phone, and see the location on a map
  • Easy to get location updates easily on the map
  • Easy to Lock or Unlock the child’s phone with a simple button press

Price is free

Download MMGuardian Parent and know more

#05. Qustodio:

Qustodio is top rated google parental control has been designed for the family. You will get he suggests a clear interface and multifunctional structure. It is the cost about $45 per year. You will get also proposes special parental filters for Safari and Chrome, with the help of which you can easily rate a time limit for web surfing and wife use.

You can easily protect iPhone from jailbreaking, block prohibited and spam pages in Google and also get the reports of the web history which were carried out by the user on iPhone.

You will get the latest MDM and VPN technologies. When you are going to Install Qustodio on your child’s device and you will get an automatically get free web monitoring using our secure VPN technology. Your kids will be protected whether they are going to use Safari, Chrome or other web browser. So let’s review the features.

Qustodio features at a glance:

  1. Easy to Set time limits for kids online
  2. Get Block access to pornography, gambling, or inappropriate sites
  3. Easy to Monitor web activity in Safari or any other internet enabled browser
  4. Get blocks access to all apps for rated ages 4+ when time is up.- Show how your child spends time online, and what they’re up to
  5. Review the websites visited and Internet activity generated through many apps
  6. Controlling social network activity using our Advanced Facebook Monitoring feature.

Price is free for trial 1 user for 1 device

Purchase price is at $49.95

Download Qustodio and know more

#04. MMGuardian Parental Control:

MMGuardian Parental Control is the best protection for kids. When you are going to install on your child’s device, you will have access to comprehensive remote device management capabilities at the MMGuardian Parent Web Portal. It can also function as a safe browser with category based internet filtering and detailed web history reporting.

MMGuardian Parental Control
MMGuardian Parental Control features:

  • Easy to Set time schedules when downloaded applications will be disabled
  • Get command to disable, or enable, downloaded apps for a short time period
  • Easy to Block access to porn and adult rated websites
  • Creating rules to block websites based on child age range and site category
  • Watching Review detailed web site history reports
  • Get prevent app installation and block in-app purchases
  • Completely disable the iTunes® store
  • Set age based ratings for iTunes content (apps, movies, TV shows)
  • Get Disable the device’s camera
  • To keep Prevent use of Face Time
  • Get Block use of multi-player games in the Game Store.

Price is free for 14 day trial period

Purchase price $49.99

Download MMGuardian and know more

#03. Lock2Learn:

Lock2Learn is a top parental control app for android. You can Download and discover the app that allows you to ensure that the time your kids spend on their devices is productive and balanced.

It provides you free access to online reports that provide insight into your child’s academic progress and device activity, including which apps they are using and how much time they are spending on their devices. It also allows you to limit app access to only those apps you choose, just in case your kids use your devices.

Lock2Learn features at glance:

  1. Running in the background on your child’s device until it is disabled using the parental password.
  2. Easy to access phone features for emergency calling and receiving incoming calls
  3. Easy set-up process
  4. Enjoy Customizable settings such as grade level, subjects, frequency of questions and more
  5. Get limit your child’s access to only those apps you select
  6. Create up to 6 child profiles on your account.
  7. Get Over 12,000 Math and English questions available for children in Kindergarten through 8th grade (with additional subjects in development)
  8. Receive and access Performance Reports that show you how your child is performing.

Price is free

Download Lock2Learn and know more

#02. Norton Family parental control:

Norton Family is a top parental control app. It allows you to see which websites are visited by your child. You can restrict access to pornographic and inappropriate websites. You can also view logs of text messages, monitor the apps downloaded by your child block some of those apps. Your kids’ devices will safe from unwanted websites. You can Turn on Location Supervision and more let’s review the features.

Norton Family parental control
Norton Family features:

  • Knowing about which websites kids visit and helps avoid unsuitable content.
  • Create set up rules for the kinds of websites your kids can visit on their devices.
  • Easy to set up an alert on the parent portal when kids attempt to visit a blocked site.
  • Keeping monitor the YouTube videos your kids are watching.
  • Showing you a 30 days history of what your kids do on their devices.

Price is free for 30 days trial

Purchase price is Price: $ 49.99

Download Norton Family and know more (For iOS)

Download Norton Family and know more (For Android)

#01. My Mobile Watchdog:

My Mobile Watchdog is parental control apps for iphone. It has some nice tools, such as block of the applications and games if your child is wasting too much time playing. It is easy to use. You will get a special parental feature such as text and message control that let you know who and how contacts your child. It is easy to way you can approve and deny contacts. This app is awesome so that the parents it’s simply peace of mind. Let’s review the features

My Mobile Watchdog
My Mobile Watchdog features at a glance:

  1. nice tools, such as block of the applications and games
  2. Easy-to-review and Web browsing history
  3. Enjoy Simple installation process
  4. Get Temporary blocking feature.
  5. Get From the dashboard, access text messages, contacts, call logs, block apps and websites; locate your child, and much more. Read Also: best free firewall software of 2017 to secure your PC.

Purchase price is $45 per year

Download My Mobile Watchdog and know more

how to keep your child safe online:

You can use any one of those best free parental control app to keep you kids safe from online. you can also turn on the parental control of your antivirus software. But sometimes your child browse internet from other’s gadget. so make sure those gadget is also safe. Turn your webcam off when your kids are browsing internet. Give your child to the knowledge about internet safety that which links, advertisement and other things are unsafe.

Final Words:

Hopefully, you read the Top 11 best parental control app for your android or iPhone device. Now it’s time to choose the one for you and you know that which one will provide the best service for you. Choose and enjoy it. Thanks for enjoying it.

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