10 Best Headphone Volume Booster for Android to Increase Sound

Are you facing problem to hear your android phone’s sound or ringtone? You want to increase the sound of your phone. Then you are in the right place. Generally, there are various types of app that available on the app Volume Boosterstore which can increase your android phone’s sound. In this circumstances, we will discuss top 10 Best Headphone Volume Booster for Android to Increase Sound. Let’s go forward to know more about 10 Best Boosters for Android to Increase Sound below:

Headphone Volume Booster

10 Best Headphone Volume Booster for Android to Increase Sound 2017:

#01. Speaker Booster:

Speaker booster gives you a slider to boost your smartphone’s volume. Only 47k in size and doesn’t require giving any heavy permission. Let’s go forward to know some important features of Speaker Booster.

Speaker Booster


  1. Size is very small.
  2. You can easily turn on and off.
  3. If you want you can stay it in your notification bar.
  4. Provides simple and user-friendly UI.
  5. Provides slider for boosting the volume of your smartphone.

Note: Speaker Booster doesn’t work on Android 4.2.1 and higher devices.

Download and More info of Speaker Booster

#02. Bass Booster:

Bass Booster does not affect the volume of your Smartphone. But this app can ruin your music hearing experience sometimes if your stocks player’s bass booster is already doing a good job. Let’s know more features of Bass Booster below:

Bass Booster

  • Bass Booster is visually attractive that works quite well.
  • Provides options to start automatically on boot, auto start and widget transparent.
  • Provides 9 equalizer presets and you can add more virtualized effect if you need.
  • It is very easy to use and setup.
  • Very easy to turn on and off.
  • It also works as home screen widget.

Download and More info of Bass Booster

#03. Ultimate Volume Booster:

Ultimate Volume Booster is the wonderful app because you can notice some different matter after boosting volume. It can increase 23% volume after boosting. You can find out some extra features that are below:

Ultimate Volume Booster

  1. Ultimate Volume Booster works with your headphone and speaker.
  2. You can boost your phone’s audio quality.
  3. UI is simple and really easy to use.
  4. Includes one tap boosting.

Download and more info of Ultimate Volume Booster

#04. Volume Booster Pro:

Volume Booster Pro is the best app volume booster for your smartphones. It can manage to boost your phone’s volume slightly. The user interface of this app includes only one button to look for. You just need to tap one button and you are done. Let us know more some unimportant features of this app:

Volume Booster Pro

  • Volume Booster Pro is small in size.
  • Provides one tap boosting option.
  • Includes user-friendly UI.

Note: Volume Booster Pro doesn’t provide any option to control your notification sound and it doesn’t show up in your notification bar.

Download and more info of Volume Booster Pro

#05. Volume Booster:

Volume Booster designed by Lagra Soft that can provide you wonderful bass experience. But it does not boost your default volume. It can control your alarm sound, keypad sound, notification sound, system sound and more. Some extra features are given below:

Volume Booster

  1. Provides you a rich bass experience.
  2. Includes attractive user-friendly UI.
  3. Really small in size.
  4. Provides the one-touch system for boosting.
  5. It gives separate options for managing alarm, keypad sound, music sound and more.

Download and more info of Volume Booster

#06. Sound Booster:

Sound Booster can increase your sound 15-30% after boosting your smartphones. You can manage your phone’s system, media, and notification sound. This app also designs by Laura Soft with a small difference. Some important features are given below:

Sound Booster

  • Sound Booster can inhale 15-30% volume of your smartphones.
  • You can keep it in your notification bar if you want.
  • Provides one tap boosting system.
  • Made with user-friendly UI and very easy to use.
  • Provides separate options for system, notification and media volume.

Download and more info of Sound Booster

#07. Volume Booster GOODE:

Volume Booster GOODE is one of the little tool apps to do everything about volume boost. These app developed by GOODE. Let’s go forward to know more some important features that are given below:

Volume Booster GOODE

  1. Volume Booster GOODE is simple and small app
  2. Boost your smartphones to increase maximum sound.
  3. Provides full control for the volume boost.
  4. Design with wonderful UI and very easy to use.
  5. You can boost volume any time and any place.
  6. Size is 1.5m and it is fully free.

Download and more info of Volume Booster GOODE

#08. Divi Volume Booster:

You can use Divi Volume Booster if you want strong volume solution. It is a really great app for your smartphones and you will get here professional high sound. it includes too many ads that are very problematic. Let’s go forward to know some features below:

  • Divi Volume Booster can increase 30%-40% volume of your smartphones.
  • Provides a tab calibrate sound settings.
  • Provides sound like professional music player.
  • Works with speakers and headphones both.
  • Very easy to use and boost.
  • Design with simple user interface.

Download and more info of Divi Volume Booster

#09. Easy Volume Control:

After using this app you must realize that this Easy Volume Control app is one of the best apps for increasing the volume of your smartphone. You can control the volume of your device as you want. This app developed by Lovekara. Here are some important features as below:

  1. It provides one tab quick boosts.
  2. Provides easy volume configuration.
  3. You can switch to vibration or silent mode.
  4. Provides always remember settings for adjustment.
  5. All sound system in one place and you can enhance any sound from the device.
  6. Size is 1.6M and it is totally free.
  7. You need to required 2.3.3 android version or up.

Download and more info of Easy Volume Control

#10. Wait What Volume Booster:

Wait What Volume Booster is the another best app to increase your headphones volume. It’s developed by Wait What. Let’s go forward to know more some important point before download:

  • It adjusting the volume of the android.
  • It also adjusts the system volume level.
  • Adjusting notification volume level.
  • It works with headphones and speakers both.
  • Size is 2.6M and it is totally free.
  • Required 2.3 or up android version.

Download and more info of Wait What Volume Booster

Last words: At the end of this article we can say that now you have an idea about Best Headphone Volume Boosters for Android to Increase Sound. Now you need to choose your best one.

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