Top 5 Fastest VPN Service 2016 Comparison

Finding out a fastest VPN service is not an easy task. We all are looking for good service in cheap price. It is very tough to get a good service and fastest service provider VPN in cheap price because more than thousands of VPN service providers are now competitor on the marketplace. Today we are going to share top fastest VPN service 2016 provider to enjoy them easily on windows and other operating system. So you have no need to analyze all the competitor because we already done it for your facility.

Fastest VPN service 2016

Basically, now we are going to share the process of finding fastest service provider. At first step we made a list of best service provider and very popular VPN service provider list. After that we compared the server speed per second and the rate. Now let’s know more about the top list.


We got all the result better than other VPN service providers so that we declared it is the best fast VPN service 2016. It done good job on every connection from each server. US server’s ping is 27ms and it is normal as a VPN service provider. It’s download and upload speed is 87.34 Mbps and 8.34 Mbps. On the UK it’s ping is 31 and the download speed is 69.17 Mbps and the upload speed is 10.95 Mbps. Its price is 2.08$. It was the highest from other VPN Software.

IPVanish VPN

It is on our second list. While on first test we connected to US server and It’s ping was 21ms and it was better than PureVPN. It’s download and upload speed was 69.17Mbps and 10.95Mbps. After that we done second test, there ping was 19 from UK server, the download speed was 68.42 Mbps and the upload speed was 10.95 Mbps. Performance of this VPN service provider is outstanding. It’s price is double of pure VPN which is 4.87$.

Express VPN

It is one of the best user friendly VPN service provider. It always provides reliable connection and best speed. The server of this VPN is situated on 75+ countries. The ping was 33ms from the UK server and 25 ms from the Germany sever. So now if we check the speed from UK server then the download and upload speed is 82.56 Mbps and 12.92 Mbps. On Germany server the download and upload speed is 71.68 mbps and 6.25 Mbps. It’s normal price is 8.32$.


It is one of the best old and popular VPN service provider. On Korea based server test it’s ping was 41 ms, download speed was 81.77 Mbps and the upload speed was 7.14 Mbps. After that on second test of Uk server we got another mostly similar result, Ping was 32, download speed was 85.37 Mbps and the upload speed was 9.86. Now if you interested about it then it will cost you only 6.55$.


You can use this VPN for multiple purpose. After connecting to the US server we got 37 ms ping score, download speed was 80.44 Mbps and upload speed was 9.81 Mbps. On the second test we connected to the Uk server and the ping was 36, download speed was little bit low almost 72.56 Mbps and the upload speed was 8.26.

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