How to Disable Antivirus on Windows 10 Computer Easily

Now a time every computer user must need to have antivirus to be secured from viruses or any other harmful threads. Now a time a lots of powerful threads are available which are harmful and can do any big damage on your computer. On this article you may learn how to disable virus protection on your computer in windows 10:

 How to disable antivirus on windows 10

 How to Disable Antivirus on windows 10? 

    •  At first you need to go on control panel. You may go to control panel by searching control panel on windows 10 search box and click on it.


    • Now go to first option which is ‘System & Security’ section. Now click on ‘Security & Maintenance’ option.


    • On the left panel you can see some option and click on ‘Change Security and Maintenance settings’.


    • On this menu will see some tick mark options and you need to remove tick mark from ‘Virus Protection’ option and press on OK button. That’s all.


This method Virus protection on your windows 10 operating system will be disabled and it may be harmful for your computer. So we will recommend you to never disable antivirus on your PC.

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